Hi 🍃 Thanks for coming to my blog! My main goal here is to discover how I can be more authentic to myself through explorations in writing. I also write because I believe blogs are great at making us appreciate more what we have in common, rather than highlighting our differences.

I've been struggling to think what this blog is actually about, but the truth is that I myself don't know. I write frequently, about whatever topic strikes my fancy. I've noticed that lately I write a lot about writing, blogging, reflecting on the past (or future), on society, on the mind, a little bit about parenting, plus the odd topic here and there. I think I take myself too seriously, which is something I'm trying to undo.

Something I would like to eventually start doing with this space is to get into the habit of writing short stories, but haven't managed to find a way to do it yet (writing posts/essays comes much easier)!

If for any reason you want to contact me you can reach me at meadowingc 🦆 proton 🔮 me.

Thanks for visiting 🤗 Please take care, and, in the meantime, enjoy this emoji meadow.


Stop for a while and smell the flowers, feel the softness of the cool grass caressing your bare feet. Hear the bees buzzing in the air, the sound of the leaves rustling in the wind. Move nearer, close your eyes, and take a breath of the fresh air.